Chris Horvath real estate and mortgage recovery lawyer calgary

Christopher Horvath Mr. Horvath is the managing partner of our Calgary office, Cohen Horvath. Chris practices primarily in the area of real estate and mortgage recovery law. . He ha...more

Adrienne Swift Associate Lawyer with Cohen LLP

Adrienne Swift Ms. Swift has been an Associate Lawyer with Cohen LLP, Barristers & Solicitors since 2008.  Her primary roles at Cohen LLP has been to develop and manage t...more

gary wong

Gary Wong Gary Wong’s practice centres on real estate law. Prior to joining Cohen, Gary operated a successful private practice in residential real estate law and was als...more

Renee van Kessel corporate commercial lawyer

Renee van Kessel Renee van Kessel is a partner at Cohen LLP and has been practicing corporate commercial law for over 19 years. She provides strategic and practical legal advice ...more

max cohen

Max Cohen Mr. Cohen is currently senior partner practicing corporate/commercial and real estate law with Cohen LLP. Mr. Cohen has two decades experience negotiating privat...more

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