Corporate Relocations


Cohen LLP and Cohen Horvath are leading providers of legal closing services and Legal Network Management services to the Canadian relocation industry. Our offices in Toronto and Calgary, Canada’s two biggest relocation markets, have extensive experience providing legal closing services including guaranteed home sale, amended value and BVO transactions. We provide our clients with advice to avoid U.S. forward attribution rules, reduce or eliminate the need to obtain Clearance Certificates, avoid double land transfer taxes and ensure that Transferee’s home sale and purchase transactions close on a timely basis.

Over the past ten years we have custom designed a number of programs to meet our relocation client needs. The programs include establishing branch offices, developing new legal network management software and employing cutting edge distribution services to meet relocating employees across Canada.

We have consistently embraced an iterative approach to training, building on core strengths and skill sets and to develop substantive legal knowledge, adherence to process and building capacity. Our team has experience working directly in our clients systems, to streamline data entry, reduce client labour costs and avoid duplication of work. We have developed comprehensive training manuals for new law clerks, Network Lawyers and legal network management consultants using screen shots and step-by-step instructions. Cohen LLP has been asked on several occasions to beta test new iterations of our clients proprietary systems.

We have been instrumental in developing cost effective programs to better assist Transferees moving into and out of remote places like Fort MacMurray. Our solutions involve using a national signing network to meet clients in their homes or at work, often employing IPAD video conference calls so Transferees enjoy the benefit of comprehensive legal advice without having to leave their homes.