PurchasingBuying a home is one of the largest investments that you will make, and whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, it is an exciting and sometimes stressful venture.

Our experienced and friendly team works closely with you and handles all the complexities of purchasing a home so that you don’t need to.

To ensure a worry-free purchase, we provide a comprehensive set of services including:

  • Reviewing the Purchase of Sale Agreement.
  • Reviewing a Status Certificate (for condos) and reporting our findings to you.
  • Conducting a full title search and execution (lien) search.
  • We will examine title to each adjoining property to ensure (i) that there have been no breaches of the severance provisions of the Planning Act and (ii) no overlapping legal descriptions.
  • Sending a letter to the Seller’s lawyer identifying any title issues.
  • Obtaining a Tax Certificate from the municipality.
  • In certain cases, obtaining a Building & Zoning Search (for open building permits and work orders) and Water Certificate.
  • Preparing final closing and mortgage documents.
  • Meeting with you to explain and sign your closing documents.
  • Arrange title insurance to protect you and your mortgage lender.
  • Reviewing the Transfer (Deed) and the Statement of Adjustment to assess whether you or the seller are owed sums for taxes and common expenses (condos).
  • Preparing mortgage documents based on instructions from your mortgage or line of credit lender.
  • Registering your Transfer (Deed) and mortgage(s) (also applies to secured lines of credit).
  • Calculating outstanding figures on any mortgage or liens and arrange for these to be paid upon closing.
  • Ensuring that any back taxes and liens are paid by the Seller at closing.
  • Alerting the municipality of change of ownership.
  • Providing you with a final report letter.

To ensure a smooth closing, we ask that you provide us with some information.  Please download the following PDF for a checklist of the required information.

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