Wills and Estates

The complexity involved with administering an estate is a matter that requires a great deal of sensitivity. For most people, this is not an issue that they handle regularly and the process can be enduring. Cohen LLP has the experience to guide all parties through the process in a timely and cautious manner.

As an executor of an estate or the appointed attorney or guardian, there are certain rights and responsibilities you are designated. Cohen LLP will help communicate those rights and responsibilities so assets are distributed accurately, all outstanding debts are resolved, and an open line of communication is established with beneficiaries so they are also involved in the process and adequately accommodated.

At Cohen LLP, we offer comprehensive estate planning services. Preparing a will, arranging power of attorney, assisting with the planning of taxes, and helping to establish testamentary trusts are all part of how we make this complicated experience as seamless as possible. Though difficult, the distribution of your estate is a necessary process and Cohen LLP are the lawyers you need to steer you through the process.