Selling a home requires much of the same careful attention to detail as purchasing one.  As one largest investments you make, you want to ensure that there are no issues that may disrupt the sale or reduce the return on your home.

Our skilled and responsive team takes care of all the necessary steps, assuring that the sale of your property is executed on time and without issue.

We take care of:

  • Reviewing the Purchase of Sale Agreement and ensure all conditions are met.
  • Preparing closing documents.
  • Requesting a mortgage or line of credit payout statement from your lender(s).
  • Calculating outstanding figures on any mortgage and arrange for these to be paid upon sales proceeds.
  • Obtaining the final signatures and closing the transaction with the buyer’s lawyer.
  • Informing relevant tax departments and utilities (hydro and gas) of the change of ownership.
  • Paying the balance of the commission to your real estate brokerage.
  • Depositing your net sale proceeds directly into your bank account (for any of the major Canadian banks).

To ensure a smooth closing, we ask that you provide us with some information.  Please download the following PDF for a checklist of the required information.