Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time home buyer, buying a home is an exciting venture. In order to ensure a smooth closing, we will ask our clients to assist us with some of the following items.:

• Please provide us with contact information so that we can respond to your inquiries on a timely basis
• Please provide us a copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale or ask your agent to send a copy to us.
• We will ask you for the correct spelling of your name, Dates of Birth and marital Status for your title/deed registration
• How you want to hold title – one of our lawyers will be happy to explain the various ways to hold title your property
• You may be eligible to save up to $5,725 in Land Transfer Taxes. We will want to know if you are a First Time Buyer for land transfer tax purposes.
• We recommend finalizing your mortgage or line of credit financing at least two weeks prior to closing so that your lender will provide us with your mortgage or line of credit instructions
• If you are buying a house, all mortgage lenders will require borrowers to obtain home insurance with the mortgage lender listed on the policy as a mortgagee (does not usually apply to condos, since the condo corp usually provides the mortgagees insurance coverage)
• Please contact utilities and services providers to alert them of your move, and to open a new account and provide personal information, including credit cards
• We will want to meet with you two or three days prior to closing to sign your final closing and mortgage documents.
• Keys are typically sent by the Seller’s lawyer to the Buyer’s lawyer, and held in trust until closing. We can release the keys once the transaction is complete, usually between 3:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.

Our services to facilitate your home purchase include:

• Reviewing the Purchase of Sale Agreement
• Reviewing a Status Certificate (for condos) and reporting our findings to you
• Conducting a full title search and execution (lien) search
• Obtaining a Tax Certificate from the municipality
• In certain cases, obtaining a Building & Zoning Search (for open building permits and work orders) and Water Certificate
• Sending a letter to the Seller’s lawyer identifying any title issues
• Preparing final closing and mortgage documents
• Meeting with you to explain and sign your closing documents
• Arrange title insurance to protect you and your mortgage lender
• Reviewing the Transfer (Deed) and the Statement of Adjustment to assess whether you or the seller are owed sums for taxes and common expenses (condos)
• Preparing mortgage documents based on instructions from your mortgage or line of credit lender
• Registering your Transfer (Deed) and mortgage(s) (also applies to secured lines of credit)
• Calculating outstanding figures on any mortgage or liens and arrange for these to be paid upon closing
• Ensuring that any back taxes and liens are paid by the Seller at closing
• Alerting the municipality of change of ownership
• Providing you with a final report letter

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